About Us

Med Gea ltd

A company based in Cyprus.

Our product consists of a healthy,impressive innovative and Mediterranean snack

It's now available to change the philosophy of a quick snack to a tasty and fully nutritious Snack / Meal.

MED GEA also follows the pace of our times and changes in dietary habits at the forefront, producing a product strictly associated with Mediterranean Nutrition and exclusively based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, olive pâté and mini rusks. All this with production conditions complying with the International Standard ISO22000 as well as the standards of the American FDA.

Our Company is constantly evolving and growing into the European Market and goal is for everyone to enjoy and to immulate a healthy way of living.Glutten Free products are key for everyone to be able to taste and appreciate them.

Our mission is to make the Mediterranean Diet your first choice!

Our Story


We are located in the Square of a small village in Crete.Jenny and her friend Costas, one of the next generations that used to eat virgin olive oil with rusks, as learned from their grandparents. It was a light and heathy meal.



As the years went by, the children went to study abroad.Jenny was in the field of Nutrition and Food Technology. She was taught that one of the best diets you can follow nowadays is the Mediterranean diet. At the base of the pyramid, she noticed that there were two of the products they used to eat. That is, the rusk and the olive oil.


The Product

Jenny decided to find Costas and go to their village for a research. So they thought it was a shame not to spread the word to the world about something so simple and with so many benefits. So they came up with the Mediterranean Snack bundle!